Band Scanner

USB FM-Scanning Receiver and RDS Analyzer

Excellent price-performance ratio

The Band Scanner is simple and affordable scanning receiver for FM analysis. This small, but very efficient unit can create detailed playlist reports for any station broadcasting artist and song title information with Radio text. Thus, allowing a comparison between your RDS text rotations and the ones of your competitors’ stations to be made.

To help set up the unit, a very simple and intuitive Windows® interface has been included on the CD-ROM that comes with the Band Scanner (and also available on our website), allowing the broadcasters (no matter whether you are experienced or novice engineer) decode and analyze all the RDS/RBDS features with maximum ease and at a minimum of expense. The USB connection makes the Band Scanner the perfect tool for field surveys.

Excellent price-performance ratio
  • FM Band 87 – 108 MHz Spectrum analyzer
  • MPX deviation meter
  • External composite MPX and RDS input
  • Built-in Stereo decoder
  • Auto search tuning
  • Headphones audio output
  • Full feature RDS and RBDS decoder
  • RDS/RBDS Groups Detector & Analyzer
  • RDS/RBDS Stream BER meter
  • RDS/RBDS Data Logger
  • View playlists of the competitive stations
  • Saving and exporting the playlists to Excel file
  • Compare the signal strength to competitors and other stations
  • Pocket size USB powered box. No external power supply required
  • Tracking all the detailed histories saved in the RDS Data Log
  • TCP/IP Remote management and control via Internet

The "Band Scanner" is a simple, low-cost scanning receiver for FM market analysis. It is a market monitoring tool intended to serve Station engineers, Managers and Program Directors. The "Band Scanner" can create detailed play list reports for any station broadcasting artist and song title information with Radio Text. Managers and Program Directors can compare their own RDS text rotations to other stations in the market. Engineers can monitor real-time field intensity data for any station, as well as review strip charts for analysis of the entire band. Precision MPX peak deviation meter is included in the product. It plugs into the USB port of any PC, and with the supplied Windows® software it sweeps the FM band and logs every signal that comes across. An easy-to-read spectrum display shows carrier level vs. frequency, and stations with an RDS or RBDS presence may be analyzed to show data in all Radio Data groups. Powered by a laptop's USB connection, the Band Scanner becomes an easy-to-use field tool. The Band Scanner allows the broadcast engineers to decode and analyze all the RDS features with maximum ease and at a minimum of expense.

FM receiver
FM frequency87.0-108.0 MHz
RDS sensitivity0 error at Vrf=-90dBµV, 4kHz RDS deviation, no modulation
Strong fieldsAGC
RF level evaluation± 4dB from 20°C to 30°C, from 20dBµV to 60dBµV without modulation
Dynamic0 to 60dBµV
Attenuator6dB built-in
MPX level
Measurement validityRF level preferably > 50dB
Multiplex levelPeak level displayed, 1000 samples over 1 second
Accuracy of MPX deviation display ±5kHz, ±2kHz typ
FM Antenna input
Connector'F' on rear panel
Impedance75 Ω
External attenuatorNo
FM Multiplex input
ConnectorBNC, Impedance = 50 kΩ
Max input level5000mV p-p
Stereo decoding
Stereo separation>20dB
Typical separationApproximately 26dB to 35dB
RDS data decoding
StandardsEuropean RDS CENELEC and United States RBDS NRSC
Error CorrectionYes
Group countingYes
Error countingYes
AF decodingYes
CT (Time/Date)Yes
RT (Radio Text)Yes
PS (Program Service name)Yes
EON (Enhanced Other Networks information)Yes
PTYN (Program TYpe Name)Yes
SLC (Slow labelling Codes)Yes
ODA (Open Data Applications)Yes
Frequency program memories
FM Tuner Presets5 frequencies
Measurement storage
StorageLOG file
Data formatsMicrosoft Excel compatible format (csv)
User interface
Indicators3 LEDs, front panel
Headphone output1/8" (3.5mm) phone jack, rear panel
Operating conditions
Equipment operational between10° and 40°C
EMC immunity6V/m
Headphones output
ConnectorStereo, 1/8" (3.5mm) phone jack
TypeUSB 2.0 compatible
ConnectorB-type, front panel
Power Requirement
Power supply USB powered
ConnectorB-type, front panel
Size and Weight
Dimensions (W;H;D)74 x 26 x 109 mm
Shipping Weight230 x 54 x 172 mm / 0.359 kg
HS Code8527212000
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