RF Attenuator, 10dB, 50Ω, N Male - N Female, max 2W, ≤3GHz

The D-ATT10N is a 10dB, 50Ω Fixed Attenuator with N Male to N Female connectors. With its Brass Nickel Body, it is Rated to 2 Watts up to 3GHz. RF microwave attenuators, also known as RF pads, lower the amplitude of the signal with a known amount and can be used in a wide range of applications. The attenuator pads can be used when a signal needs to be reduced to protect measurement equipment or other circuitry, to extend the range of power meters and to impedance match circuits by reducing the VSWR seen by adjacent components. RF attenuators can prevent signal overload in receivers and detectors, adjusting the signal level to a range that is optimal.
Attenuation Value10dB
Operating Frequency3GHz
Nominal Impedance50Ω ±0.25Ω over operating temperature range
Operating temperature range-50°C to +80°C
VSWR deviation±0.1% over operating temperature range
Power Rating2W over operating termperature range
Power Rating (Peak)100W for 25µs
Power Coefficient0.001dB/W (change in attenuation with increase in power)
Temperature Coefficient0.001dB/°C max., 0.0003dB/°C typ.
VSWR (DC-2GHz)≤1.15
VSWR (2-3GHz)≤1.25
Attenuation deviation (DC-2GHz)±0.2dB
Attenuation deviation (2-3GHz)±0.3dB
Connector 1Jack, Standard Polarity, N
Connector 2Plug, Standard Polarity, N